Zink Media Studio is an independent game studio based in Baracelona, Spain. Focused on creative mobile and pc games with social capabilities and level editing tools available to players.

Zink Media Studio was founded in early 2015 by Victor Moreno and Mario Morales after working several years as 3rd party Advert game developers.

Zink is our first release currently we are already working on our two next games.

Our projects

  • Overtimers

    There was a time when we used to play with our friends in the same room, with a bottle of soda and a bowl of nachos. So why didn't video games explore this in their own terrain? You could have the best of the two worlds. The cooperation and dialogue of a board game or pen and paper RPG, with the visual enrichment and user experience of a video game.   Overtimers is a project that tries to rescue the idea of cooperative multiplayer for video games beyond the split screen mode. Therefore it's a cooperative RPG that relies on synergy, team Continue Reading
  • Zink (iOS/Android)

    Social puzzle game for players and makers Match all the color drops to their targets in thegame board. Too Easy? Give it a try! Social Compete and send challenges to your friends For players and makers Create your own puzzles, share them and play other users levels Always growing content New puzzle elements, new levels and new amazing features in continuous development  Don’t be evil (for real) Our servers don’t store non-game related data.