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There was a time when we used to play with our friends in the same room, with a bottle of soda and a bowl of nachos. So why didn't video games explore this in their own terrain?

You could have the best of the two worlds. The cooperation and dialogue of a board game or pen and paper RPG, with the visual enrichment and user experience of a video game.


Overtimers is a project that tries to rescue the idea of cooperative multiplayer for video games beyond the split screen mode. Therefore it's a cooperative RPG that relies on synergy, team effort and cooperation between the players. We will provide game experiences close to 80's pen & paper games. Those games rely on cooperation between a bunch of friends as a core game design. However, as much as we loved playing classic games, this is not a port nor a tribute, we are using state of the art video game gameplay approaches and crafting a great narrative to make Overtimers as fun as possible.

The story depicts a group of misfits in a modern world that repudiates them, whom by chance find themselves in a situation that goes way over their heads. Couldn't them had died like the rest and get done with it?

A space time Odyssey with multiple time lines, rich narrative and black humour everywhere.

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