What would you do if you could change history?

About the game

Overtimers is a tactic RPG, with strong old Adventure games and Tabletop RPGs influences, in which a group of modern society misfits get involved without their decision or control in the matter in a cosmic journey through time and alternative realities. In their shoes the players can visit key moments of history and through their actions change them, experiencing alternative versions of our past, our present and our future. Overtimers is strongly narrative, reflexive and unapologetic, allowing to experiment with history and human nature.
You can play Overtimers alone or cooperatively, with a fast and dynamic gameplay and combat system that allows it. Either way, like in the oldie tabletop rpgs, you need to rely in your team, combining their strengths to remove their weaknesses. Together, alone in a strange environment, the characters have to make sense of where they are, or like the old “Doc” liked to say to McFly, “when”.

Meet the cast

Youtube Guerrilla

As the urban dictionary attests, the Tennessee Top Hat is a long underrated hair style that truly exudes power, respect, and most importantly, dignity. He's confident, he's awake, he knows the world and how to tame it. He's sure that his countless hours training with video tutorials will bear fruit when the zombie apocalypse finally comes, or when the government decides that chemtrails are not enough to rob us of our freedom.

Psycho Housewife

A high functioning psychopath that never forgets everyone's birthday and always offers her homemade cookies with a motherly smile. She never misses her Thursday's session at the firing range and worriedly advocates that the safest option when an animal crosses your path in the road is to run it through. The hints are there, but no one seems to notice.

Prick Boss

He's better than you, and never loses an opportunity to remind you. He knows that all the good things that ever happened to him, or around him, or to others for that matter, are thanks to his keen intelligence and instincts. Shit gets loose around him all the time, of course, but that's only because he's deemed to be surrounded by incompetents and morons.

Undervalued Assistant

She's the one that keeps the machine running smoothly, but few acknowledge it and less care about it. She's underappreciated, overqualified and paternalized. But deep inside, she rejoices in knowing that she's indispensable, and sometimes wonders if she's not actually afraid of being anything else than a big fish in a small pond.

The team behind the idea

Víctor MorenoTechnical Director
Alberto RomeroCreative Director
Andrea Lazkanotegi3D Artist
Laura Collado3D Artist
Josep Pérez2D Artist

Pablo Emmanuel De LeoTechnical 3D

Also helped
David Güell2D Artist
Laura Usón3D Artist
Eduardo Suarez2D Artist